The Earth doesn’t

English version of thedutchversion . Any mistakes, please let me know, so I can correct. (my knowledge of the English language isn’t that good anymore)

The Earth doesn’t

The Earth doesn’t divide in good or bad

The human does (or was it God?)

The Earth doesn’t see, guilty or innocent

The human does

The Earth doesn’t cheer the victory nor screams defeats

The human does

The Earth doesn’t know

The human does

The Earth,

She just lives, constantly searching for balance

She doesn’t know that She is giving, nor that She’s taking

She doesn’t feel that She the hostess, the Only one

For the life in every way, of all creatures

No, the Earth doesn’t seek revenge

She searches balance

She recovers, again and again and … one more time?

What were the humans doing?

The humans were dreaming again,

About green and sky blue, yellow and coral red

About turquoise and even all shades of grey

They were dreaming again of dancing and singing

Eating together and drinking and laughing

And everybody who wanted, joined them

And others watching it saw that it was alright as well

The were dreaming again

Of ordinary floods

And of ordinary hot summers

And the usual wet autumns

And the severe winters

And please, also the ordinary erratic springs

All seasons on their own spot on the globe and in their own time

The rivers showed their meanders again

The fish, not aware of their destiny, prepared themselves

The humans dreamed of the elephant, the fox, the hare and the giraffe

The pheasant, the weasel, the wild boar, the snake and even the scary thick spider

That they all had a spot again, their own space

They, the humans,  dreamed that they had enough space themselves

There was always each other, right?

The children, they could exist, they could laugh, jump, discover

They don’t see any differences, those children, they were save

And they dreamed on, of the trees and bushes, the plants and flowers

They were allowed again, even the weeds had their space

And all those colors of fruit, vegetables, herbs

They continued growing and giving, giving

The humans dreamed further, the would know what they had to know

Just like that

No gluten, no lactose or sugar on packages

There was enough for everybody

They shared, they gave, they took

What they needed, what was left over

And the humans, they dreamed again

That they would learn again

That they knew again, really knew

They even dared to dream about hugging, handshaking, holding hands in circles and swings,

 Hooking arms, kissing, making love, romping, comforting one another

They rediscovered their own capacities and walked, ran, hiked, took the tram or the train

A few swam

Ayla* and Earth knew how to reconcile

They didn’t ‘know’, they didn’t think

Things were as it happened

And the humans dreamed again

Of humility and gratefulness

Of reconciling

They humans discovered, only in slowness, far countries

Of all the green and other colors, the animals, the oceans, the air, the sun and the moon ànd about themselves

They were enough. But now, now they were still dreaming.

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Ik wil niet één reis naar Ithaka; ik wil er meer zolang het me gegund is Elke weg is zo boeiend ... (gedachtegang bij het her- en her- en herlezen van Ithaka - K.P. Kavafis)